You Should Probably Listen To This

Egyptian Blue – “To Be Felt”

NME describes Egyptian Blue as “Promising upstarts; fuzzy, upbeat, and lethargic.” They nail the description as those adjectives are the very embodiment of this UK four-piece.

Back in June the group released their first music with Collateral Damage.  This 4 song EP is a 4/4 – every song “brings it”. People began to notice including Foals’ frontman, Yannis Philippakis who shared a photo of their album on Instagram.

“To Be Felt” carries with it an excellent guitar thrashing through the entire almost 4-minute song. There’s almost a nervous buzzing or energy that makes the song one that you want to listen to over and over again. It’s addicting. It will be exciting to see where Egyptian Blue goes from here.


Anyway, you should listen to “To Be Felt” by Egyptian Blue.


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