You Should Probably Listen To This

Le Grotto – “Blue Swallow Inn”

The discovery here was courtesy of Brandon Hagen of Vundabar. The frontman shared the song on his Instagram Stories and I decided to look it up. I was not disappointed.

“Blue Swallow Inn” is a song that changes tempos. There’s two instances of a slow build followed by an explosion of sound that then reverts back to a slower quieter tempo.  The cut back between chaos and order makes this song an enjoyable one. Reminds me a little bit of The Districts.

Researching the song and the band, you learn the background for the song is a dark and sad one. Per BTR Today, the song is about the death of a band member’s abusive father mixed in with painful memories surrounding a motel his family would stay at when he was young.

Anyway, You Should Probably Listen to “Blue Shallow Inn” by Le Grotto.