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Shame is in the Christmas Spirt

The South London group released a cover of Jose Feliciano’s “Feliz Navidad” on Christmas Eve. Filmed at Moth Club, the video features the band dressed in Christmas garb performing with friends. A very Merry Christmas to you too, Shame!


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Shame on KEXP

Can we just take a minute and think about how great KEXP live performances are? The sound quality, stage setup, the show talent – it’s just dynamite.  Really enjoying these live shows the legendary radio station puts on.


South London band, Shame made a visit to Seattle in May and they killed it with their live KEXP performance. If the group’s energy in this performance could be bottled up, it could probably power 1,000 Teslas for a month.  The production of the performance is just as perfect as the sound. Really like the back and forth between Kevin Cole and the group. You can tell the dude really appreciates and values their music.

Songs Played:

“Dust On Trial”


“One Rizla”


“The Lick”